Tuesday, June 27, 2017

New Book: Noble Beauty, Transcendent Holiness, by Peter Kwasniewski

Noble Beauty, Transcendent Holiness

Why the Modern Age Needs the Mass of Ages


Foreword by Martin Mosebach

I've provided a blurb for this book; here it is in full below. Buy the book here.

Peter Kwasniewski's tremendous new book is an eloquent and erudite confrontation with the very root of the liturgical debate: whether the radical de-mystifying of the Catholic liturgy has been for the good of souls. It is not a matter of personal preferences, the evolving needs of 'modern man', or even of the reverence of the celebrating priest. It is rather of the truth or falsity of the massive testimony of the liturgical tradition, which is the testimony of the Church herself, that the kind of liturgy which pleases God, softens the hearts of sinners, and raises the pious towards sancticy, is the mysterious product of centuries of development. When a functionalist liturgist rejects ceremonies and language whose meaning is not immediately clear, he rejects precisely the vehicles which can carry the full weight of the Faith, something which cannot be expressed in a common-place formula. Only something whose meaning cannot be exhaustively expounded by the liturgists of today, will have insights for the Catholics of tomorrow, and of every age.

Josep Shaw, Chairman of the Latin Mass Society, England

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Sunday, June 25, 2017

LMS AGM Mass with Fr Alex Stewart FSSP: photos

Fr Alex Stewart, ordained only a week, celebrated a High Mass in St James' Spanish Place in London for the LMS Annual General Meeting.




Monday, June 19, 2017

Ordinations in Warrington: Photos


Holy Orders was conferred, and Mass celebrated, by Archbishop Malcolm McMahon OP, in St Mary's Church, Warrington. The ordinands were  Alex Stewart, FSSP and Krzysztof Sanetra, FSSP. Bishop Mark Davies of Shrewsbury was in choir.



Friday, June 16, 2017

A computer game based on Plato?

I know nothing about computer games, but no doubt some of my readers do, and may be interested in this Kickstarter funding campaign to create a game based on Plato's Critias - the one about the lost island of Atlantis.

This is a fantasy 'quest', based not on the Hollywood nonsense-history of Lara Croft and company, but on the profound and intriguing myth-history of Plato's Critias. Perhaps many historians today would like to turn the more eccentric corners of their studies into a computer-game, but the creators of 'The Unwritten Critias' have the technical virtuosity actually to do this.

Official Trailer

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Juventutem Mass in London Friday 23rd

With the newly ordained Fr Alex Stewart FSSP, in St Mary Moorfields, London EC2M 7LS

7:30pm, Friday 23rd June

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Trinity Sunday in Holy Trinity Hethe


The Victoria Consort under Dominic Bevan accompanied the patronal feast of Holy Trinity, Hethe, celebrated by the parish priest, Fr Paul Lester.


Readers will perceive that I don't only go to modern churches. Holy Trinity, in fact, is the oldest Catholic parish church in Oxfordshire, dating from 1839. It has some lovely stained glass, and the stunning wall decorations date from the church's centenary refurbishment; architecturally, it is very simple.