Saturday, July 04, 2015

Two big, quiet announcements: Liverpool and Portsmouth

The church of St Mary, Warrington, in the Archdiocese of Liverpool, is being handed over to the Priestly Fraternity of St Peter (FSSP). Archbishop Malcolm McMahon's message on the parish website explains.
Bishop McMahon, as he was, at the LMS Priest Training
Conference in Ratcliffe College, Leicester.


“I have invited the Priestly Fraternity of St Peter to come to the archdiocese and to have responsibility for St Mary’s Church, Warrington. In due course this will become a centre for the celebration of the extraordinary form of Mass and the sacraments. The priests of this fraternity will not, however, assume pastoral responsibility for St Mary’s parish, which will be the responsibility of Fr David Heywood from September.”

Fr Simon Henry has more to say about this fine Pugin church in the centre of Warrington. Historically it was looked after by the Benedictine monks of Ampleforth, who left in 2012. (Like the monks of Downside, they are progressively leaving the parishes which have been such a major part of their apostolate for two centuries.)

LMS Day of Recollection, Sat 18th July, St Edmunds' College Ware

St Edmund's College's Pugin Chapel is worth the trip on its own, especially with Traditional High Mass in it.

Fr Michael Cullinan, familiar to regulars at St James' Spanish Place, a theologian specialising in St Paul, is joined by Rev. James Mawdsley FSSP, currently a transitional deacon, and Fr Patrick Hayward.

There's a booking page on the LMS website here.

Friday, July 03, 2015

Latin Course: special sponsorship for Diocese of Arundel and Brighton

IMG_0370I've had an email from a kind benefactor offering to pay the fee (£170) for any impecunious priest or seminarian from the Arundel and Brighton diocese who'd struggle to pay for the Latin Course.

All clerical and seminarian students at the course already get a 50% discount.

It is worth noting that priests and seminarians interested in learning the Old Mass can get some good practice - both 'dry' and 'for real' - at the Latin Course, where with all the priests present it is no problem have High Mass each day and a chance to swap around the roles. Priests not celebrating the High Mass can say a private Mass at one of the Altars of the parish church in Holywell.

Not long ago we had Fr Robin Farrow from A&B. Here he is giving 'first blessings' immediately after his ordination.

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Thursday, July 02, 2015

Reminder: LMS intensive Latin Course

Solemn Mass in the Pugin Church of St David at Pantasaph celebrated by Fr Richard Bailey
From Monday 27th July to Saturday 1st August the Latin Mass Society's intensive Latin course will take place in Flintshire, North Wales, easiliy reached by car or train.

The teaching takes place at the Fransiscan Retreat Centre at Pantasaph, where there will be sung or (usually) High Mass each day, with the staff and children of the annual Summer School which runs alongside the Latin Course.

The accomodation is down the road in Holywell, at the Brigettine-run St Winifride's Guest House.

Because of the importance of the knowledge of Latin among the clergy, the Latin Mass Society offers a 50% discount for priests, deacons, and seminarians (including those about to join seminary), making it just £170. The full price of £340 is itself the cost price of the course: you won't find another Latin Course as cheap in the UK. (If you make your own accomodation arrangements, we'll charge you a even less.)

Fr John Hunwicke, preaching
The course's tutors are two experienced priestly Latinists: Fr John Hunwicke of the Ordinariate, and Fr Richard Bailey of the Manchester Oratory.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to brush up your Latin! An intensive week's course will give a huge boost to independent study, stand you in good stead in seminary, and give anyone new insights into the liturgy and theology of the Church.

See here for more details and a booking form.

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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Loftus calls for withholding donations from the Church

Simple enough? Cardinal Burke celebrating Low Mass in Oxford.
At the end of a rambling column in the Catholic Times (26th June 2015), largley made up of quotations from Laudato si', Mgr Basil Loftus suddenly calls for action by the lay faithful: to demand less spending by dioceses and parishes, and more of the Church's money being given to the poor.

'And if the right answers are not forthcoming, then we have Francis' blessing on boycotts - on withholding money from purposes which do not contribute to simplicity and the alleviation of poverty. The church collection, like "purchasing", "is always a moral - and not simply economic - act."

The internal quotation is fromt the Encyclical, but of course it is talking about purchases, not the fulfilment of the Fifth Precept of the Church and Canon 222 that we support our pastors. Loftus is suggesting that if we don't like all the spending priorities of our priests and bishops, we should starve them of cash. Tempting though that might be, it is only because reasonable people allow a degree of latitude as to what their donations can be spent on, that we have bishops and priests at all.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Pilgrimage to Holywell Sunday 5th July

High Mass at 2:30pm.
St Winefride's Church, Holywell CH8 7PL: click for a map.

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Reminder: SCT Summer School 2015

The dates are Sunday 26th July to Sunday 2nd August.

This is something I've been doing since 2005, and it is one of the most exciting, and (for me!) exhausting event I'm involved in each year. We have a little school, for just a week, with maybe 40 children: lots of interesting discussions, lots of prayer, lots of fun.

The Summer School is for children aged 11-18; there is NO FEE, parents and guardians make a donation at their discretion. It is run by St Catherine's Trust with the support of the Latin Mass Society.

Click here for our downloadable application form in PDF format.
Click here to apply online. 
It takes place at the Franciscan Retreat Centre at Pantasaph, 10 minutes from Flint station, half an hour from Chester. We can offer lifts there from London. It has a Pugin chapel, and is home to the National Shrine to St Pio of Pietrelcina (Padre Pio).

As well as liturgy and catechesis, the Summer School introduces children to wide range of subjects, including history, philosophy, history of art, Latin, music and drama, an ideal Catholic supplement to homeschooling or conventional schools, Catholic or not.

We have all sorts of children, from all over England and Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and a few from further afield. It is a great experience for them to meet children from like-minded families, and many come year after year. Don't let your children miss out!


Friday, June 26, 2015

The Supreme Court and the Call of the Ghetto

I've been reading a few posts about the infinitly depressing US Supreme Court decision that, contrary to what anyone would have thought until five minutes ago, the US Constitution guarantees the right of men to pretend to marry other men, and women women.

A couple of them (Rod Dreher and Steve Skojec) mention the 'Benedict Option': as Dreher expresses it, this takes inspiration from St Benedict of Nursia's monastic vision.

'learning how to resist, in community, in a culture that sees us orthodox Christians as enemies.'

Skojek talks moving out of the cities and about living off the land.

I can understand the reaction, but we need to remember the differences between our situation and St Benedict's. St Benedict lived at a time when the power of the state was at an extremely low ebb. We live our lives during a time in which the reverse is the case. Moving to the countryside is going to make no difference at all. If social services are going to enforce gender theory onto homeschoolers, they'll do it in the countryside just as much as the towns.