The Case for Liturgical Restoration

Published in April 2019, The Case for Liturgical Restoration: Una Voce Studies on the Traditional Latin Mass, edited by Joseph Shaw, collects the 'Position Papers' published by the FIUV over several years. All are thoroughly revised and corrected. The book has an Preface by His Eminence Cardinal Raymond Burke.

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Read a review by Charles Coulombe here.


James Bogle Esq, English barrister and trial attorney, former President of the International Una Voce Federation

I am delighted to recommend this compendium of position papers on the traditional Roman rite of the mass, produced by the International Una Voce Federation. These scholarly papers add to the increasing weight of scholarship demonstrating the ancient integrity and theological superiority of the old rite. The period in which the Faithful were temporarily – and illegally - deprived of the traditional rites has led to a surge of active research into its form, history and theology with remarkable results. We are learning ever more just how deeply interwoven the traditional rite is with our ancient Catholic culture and community and the organic way in which, for 2,000 years, it has grown and developed under the divine guidance of the Holy Spirit. How different from what Pope Benedict XVI called a “fabrication, a banal, on-the-spot product”, referring to the new rites thrust upon an unsuspecting Catholic Faithful. These papers will make a significant contribution to what Professor Dietrich von Hildebrand, one of the founders of Una Voce, called “the recovery of the sacred”.
“The importance of the publication of The Case for Liturgical Restoration: Una Voce Studies on the Traditional Latin Mass cannot be exaggerated.”
The Case for Liturgical Restoration represents a comprehensive, competent, balanced, and constructive contribution to the field of liturgical science, and above all to liturgical life and practice in the Church of our days.”
“The Position Papers address frequently advanced reformatory propositions, with the great merit of responding soberly, conservatively, and without polemic.”
“This volume offers the reader the opportunity to judge the strength of the case for a radical change of direction, a ‘reorientation’ as it were, in how the liturgy of the Latin Church is to be understood and presented.”
“Detailed and dispassionate, this book examines those features of the traditional liturgy that have been the subject of controversy in recent decades, explaining their origins and their abiding value.”
“How propitious to show, in a moment of cultural decadence and ad intra dogmatic bewilderment, the beauty and sacredness of the liturgy in its ancient Latin tradition! To discuss these central topics, as this collection does with precision, is a well-timed enterprise.”
“The liturgical devastations of our times make it more and more urgent that the immutable lex credendi of the Church should be restored. This book represents a significant contribution in that direction.”
— PROF. ROBERTO DE MATTEI, President of the Lepanto Foundation
“The Una Voce position papers are wide-ranging and comprehensive in their discussion of the traditional liturgy and of how God is properly to be worshipped.”
— PROF. THOMAS PINK, King’s College London
“With brilliant dialectical skill and exceptionally apposite sources, The Case for Liturgical Restoration argues the need for preserving and promoting all of those traditional aspects of Catholic worship that churchmen, in the name of adapting to modernity, jettisoned or downplayed.”
— PETER A. KWASNIEWSKI, author of Tradition and Sanity: Conversations and Dialogues of a Postconciliar Exile

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