Thursday, February 23, 2023

Guild of St Clare Sewing Retreats past and to come


The last Guild of St Clare Sewing Retreat took place 3-5 February 2023 at the St Joseph Centre near Southampton. The chaplain was Fr Thomas Crean. Details of the next one, 3-5 November, here.


In the above two photographs, from Sunday Mass, Fr Crean is wearing a set of vestments completed by the Guild. The Latin Mass Society has had (I don't know for how long) an incomplete High Mass set, which was missing all the 'small items'. Here used as a Low Mass set, the original chasuble is joined by a new Chalice veil, maniple, and burse. If you look carefully you'll see the fabric for these items is not exactly the same as that of the chasuble, though it is a close match. The Guild is also making a new humeral veil, and the whole thing will be useable once more as a High Mass set.


It is a good illustration of the work of the Guild since I hope it is evident that the new items are not just bodged together: they are made by hand, to a higher standard of craftsmanship, indeed, than the original, and for that matter than almost any new vestments commercially available today.


A lot of sometimes relatively simple, sometimes complicated, repair work on the LMS' own collection has now been done; what remains is mostly the making of new items: new burses, stoles, maniples, and so on, to go with the chasubles which have somehow survived the era of destruction. The Guild also takes on vestments belonging to other priests who celebrate the Traditional Mass: it is part of the LMS' support for the 1962 Mass. This is illustrated by the Guild's Lenten project Twitter thread (see about the project on their website here).


Interested? Come along to the next Sewing Retreat! It will take place3rd-5th November at St Joseph's Centre, Ashurst. Online booking is open here. For more information about the Guild of St Clare and our events, look at our website here.

Last time we welcomed retreatants from Scotland, Slovakia, and Ireland.

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