Thursday, July 06, 2006

Penny Renold's Funeral

Penelope Renold's Requiem and Burial took place, in the Traditional Rite, on Tuesday 4th July, starting at 12 noon. Fr Andrew Southwell celebrated the Missa Cantata at the Church of SS Gregory & Augustine, assisted by Gordon Dimon as MC. Fr John Saward, Priest in Charge of SS Gregory & Augustine, and Fr Richard Duffield, Parish Priest of St Aloysius (the Oxford Oratory), were in choir. Fr Southwell preached a moving eulogy to the large congregation, recounting Miss Renold's remarkable and long life, intimately involved as it was with the struggle to preserve the Traditional Catholic liturgy.

Fr Southwell then conducted the Burial Service in Wolvercote Cemetery. This was followed by a reception and lunch at which three friends and relations spoke about different aspects of Penny's life.

The previous evening, the body had been solemnly received into the Church by Fr Saward. The Miserere and other psalms were chanted as the coffin was carried in procession into the church, placed between six unbleached candles, and covered with a black pall.

All the liturgy and singing was done to the highest and most correct standards. Thanks are particularly due to Fr John Saward, who has successfully re-equipped his church with the necessary vestments, candles and so on, and the kindness of Gordon Dimon, the Latin Mass Society MC, and Dr John Tennant, the singer, in coming from London to assist us.

For Penny Renold's obituary, see here.

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