Monday, January 01, 2007

Fr Michael Crowdy

Fr Crowdy died on Friday 8th December at 3pm. Fr Boyle was with him. He wished to be buried at St Saviour's in Bristol. Requiescat in pace.

Please pray for Fr Crowdy, who said the Traditional Mass in Oxford for many years.

His Requiem (a Traditional Solemn High Mass) will take place on Thursday 14th December at 11am in Bristol, at St Saviour's. (Saint Saviour's House, St Agnes Avenue, Knowle, Bristol BS4 2DU)

For his obituary, see here.

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  1. Just happened on Father Crowdy’s obit. He married me and my (former) wife at Brompton Oratory 22 June 1957. The London tabloids that same afternoon and the next day had ledes like AMERICAN WEDDING BOLLOXED UP. It was no fault of the good Father Crowdy.