Wednesday, January 31, 2007

British Petition for the Traditional Mass

The Una Voce Federation (with help from the Latin Mass Society) has organised another petition in support of the Holy Father's initiative to liberalise the Traditional Mass. It's not a 'public' petition, but focuses on prominent signatories. Although it was prepared in a very short time, there are some interesting people on who were not reached by the Epiphany Declaration, such as Dr Mary Berry, the Gregorian Chant expert, and Fr John Saward, the theologian and Oxford Parish Priest. (And me too!)

Others include the Catholic campaigner Daphne Macleod (of Pro Ecclesiae et Pontifice), Prince Rupert Lowenstein (President of the British Order of Malta and of the LMS), the theologian Catherine Pickstock, the novelist Piers Paul Read, and Damien Thompson, the Editor in Chief of the Catholic Herald.

The full text of the petition and the signatures are here. Hat-tip to The New Liturgical Movememnt.

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