Monday, February 05, 2007

Castrillon Hoyos interview

(Update: in another interview reported by Rorate Caeli, Cardinal Hoyos has said, of the SSPX:
"They are not schismatics, the priests are under a suspension for illicit exercise, and the Bishops are excommunicated because the ordination of new bishops without a permission from Rome received this punishment latæ sententiæ." )
Cardinal Hoyos has given a very interesting interview to a diocesan newspaper in Columbia. For the key passages in English, see Rorate Caeli, here.

Among other things, he said that the SSPX are 'not exactly in schism', the Traditional Mass 'was never forbidden'; and he says the Traditional Mass himself 'nowadays'. (When interviewed a couple of years ago by the Latin Mass Magazine, he was asked what Mass he said, and he replied it was the Mass of Paul VI.)

Finally, he confirmed that 'The Holy Father will extend the permission for this celebration, which is not in opposition to the one of today.'

This adds further weight to the documents cited in my previous post on the legal status of the Traditional Mass.

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