Sunday, June 10, 2007

Oxford Corpus Christi Procession

Continuing Oxford's 'marching season', the day after the Life Walk was the day of the annual Corpus Christi procession, in which the whole North Oxford Deanery takes part. This year it was led by Bishop Kenny, an auxiliary bishop of the Archdioce, and attended my many clergy of the Deanery.
As usual it began at the Oratory Church, stopped in at Blackfriars, and continued to the Chaplaincy. Like the Life Walk, it too seemed to be significantly bigger than last year, and included a brass band to accompany the hymn singing, interspersed with Rosary led by megaphone. The procession is so large that a number of police were present to deal with the traffic when it had to cross roads etc..
It is difficult to photograph such a long procession, but here it is: first, the clergy and flower girls; then the Blessed Sacrament under a capony; then the main procession, including the brass band, and the banners of various parishes. Spot the bishop's crozier being carried by an altar boy (second picture), the two Knights of Malta (Julian Chadwick, Chairman of the Latin Mass Society and Mr James Bogle, Chairman of the Catholic Union of Great Britain) (fifth picture), and a number of members of the University in 'Academical Dress' (gowns). Close up photos of the leaders of the procession can be found here.

For last year's procession see here. This year's pictures are definately better!

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  1. Imagine the graces that would flow if this happened in every town and city!