Sunday, June 10, 2007

Oxford Life Walk

On Saturday 9th June, Oxford pro-lifers marched through the streets to support the rights of the unborn, as they do each year, starting outside the New Bodleian in Broad Street, passing through Cornmarket, and ending at the University Catholic Chaplaincy, where they had lunch. With significantly greater number than last year, interestingly there was a small counter-demonstration, with drums (!), waiting for the procession in Cornmarket. This is the first counter-demonstration for many years, and may indicate that pro-abortion activists are concerned that the public debate has not been going all their own way recently.

In accordance with a long-standing tradition, banners saying 'Save the Humans' were carried by people wearing suits representing endangered species of animals: a tiger and a panda.

Thanks to all who took part in this event, the local LIFE group which organises it, and the Chaplaincy for their hospitality.
For last year's Life Walk, see here.

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