Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Every now and then I post up dates for the Traditional Catholic Family Alliance, which meets in Ware and in Reading. I took some nice photos of the Mass last Saturday at the Ware event, which is the last before before the Summer break.

The Ware meetings in particular are well structured, with four age-group-based classes of children and adults all having suitable talks or activities while Fr Andrew Southwell sees each group (including, usually, the adults) for catechesis.

TCFA meetings are wonderful opportunities for Catholic families to meet up and offer each other mutual encouragement and support, in the context of the traditional liturgy, catechesis from a priest, and a set of talks and activities. At Ware the Masses are always sung, and take place in the stunning Pugin chapel.
I encourage families who have not experienced the TCFA events to come along. Not only are you missing out, if you don't come, but the organisation of these events is hard work and they need your support.

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