Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Petition to save Ushaw College

Petition to save Ushaw College, the only Catholic seminary in Britain north of Birmingham: please sign!

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  1. Patrick Fahey12:21 pm

    Ushaw must be saved, its closure will be another sign of our Cathloic identity being lost.

  2. Mark Thompson4:52 pm

    Ushaw must stay open!

  3. Cristobal Orrego6:31 pm

    The most important part of the petition is missing: money. An offer of money is needed. Or, to entrust the whole place to a Catholic institution that can provide the money, such as the Knights of Columbus in the USA. Or alternatively, the offer to start a fund-raising campaign.  

  4. Maurice Salton10:56 pm

    Students based near the cathedral have to park their cars a considerable distance from colleges. They might prefer accommodation at Ushaw College where they can park nearby.

    A mini-bus would take students from Ushaw to university departments.

    The empty accommodation might also be suitable for armed services personnel suffering from stress.

    Maurice Salton
    St. John's College, Durham

  5. Jim Riley1:07 am

    I was at Ushaw for nearly six years. I received a great education and had a lot of friends. It seems to me to be wrong to be closing such a beantiful set of buildings and the history contained within. Good luck with the campaign, my prayers are with you.