Thursday, October 18, 2012

LMS Pilgrimage to Aylesford

Last Saturday was the LMS Pilgrimage to Aylesford, the home of the Brown Scapular. This ancient Carmelite priory was bought back by the order and re-edified in the 1950s; we had Mass in the Relic chapel, which houses the skull of St Simon Stock.
Fr Tim Finigan was the celebrant; as well as preaching, he gave a spiritual conference after Mass, and celebrated Benediction for us. It was the feast of St Edward the Confessor, King and Confessor, and coincidentally Bl Alexandrina da Costa's day in the new calendar; she was a contemporary of the Fatima seers, a suffering soul who experienced many visions. Fr Finigan spoke about her extraordinary life. (You can get an excellent short book about her here.)

Fr Tim has blogged about the day here, and the Reluctant Sinner here.
Mass was accompanied with some wonderful polyphony, by Taverner, sung by Cantus Magnus, led by Matthew Schellhorn.

IMG_0798 IMG_1137 Someone was even clothed in the Brown Scapular, which was given to St Simon Stock by Our Lady with the promise of help for that those who wear it with devotion.

More photos.


  1. Anonymous5:37 am

    " This ancient Carmelite priory was bought back by the order and re-edified in the 1950s" 1949 actually with a generous grant of quarter of a million pounds ( a fortune in those days) from the Irish Government

  2. That is extremely interesting, I didn't know that. Why did the Irish Government take such an interest in it?

  3. Anonymous5:24 am

    De Valera was a friend of family of three Carmelite brothers..I think. Also it was part of the Irish Province of the Carmelites.
    Dev attended the restoration ceremony, as photos of the time show, as did other Government ministers.

  4. Anonymous5:25 am

    The brothers were the Lynch of whom eventually became Prior General