Saturday, May 04, 2019

Don't modernise Notre Dame

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LifeSiteNews has a petition going to oppose the reconstruction of the Cathedral of Notre Dame, badly damaged in a fire, with modern additions. Ominously, President Emmanuel Macron has already opened a competition for architects to propose designs.
Like previous French presidents, Macron may well wish to leave a mark on a great historic building. President Mitterrand spoiled the classical masterpiece of the Louvre Palace, now a museum, with a much derided glass pyramid in the middle of the great courtyard and added insult to injury by obliging visitors to use it as the entrance.
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  1. While some of the ideas on the Notre Dame already proposed are really atrocious, others not so much. Anyway, there is no need to misattribute vandalisms of earlier times. Destruction of rood screens seems to be a work not so much of Jansenists than activists of the counter-reformation, perhaps with St. Charles as accomplice. Likewise, was the preservation of the Lateran basilica due to reverence to the past or just it was in a better overall shape at that time, or perhaps the Lutheran revolt spoiled the "fundraising"? And maybe it was Joseph II to whom we owe some more examples of gothic and romanesque preserved in Austria as he cut funds for uniform baroquisation started by his predecessors.