Monday, July 08, 2019

The Dominican Rite in Cambridge


On Sunday, a First Holy Communion took me to Cambridge Blackfriars, a place I have not visited before. The Dominican priory churches in Oxford, London, and Leicester, where I have attended Mass, are large and impressive neo-gothic buildings; for various reasons the Cambridge Blackfriars is very modest. The chapel was, I am told, originally intended as a lecture-room, but plans for a chapel elsewhere were shelved for various reasons.


Nonetheless, the chapel was packed, and a beautiful Mass was celebrated by Fr Aidan Nichols OP, and accompanied by a five-strong local schola. This Mass, at 9:15am, takes place every Sunday, either Sung or Low.



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  1. Sadly we in H&N are due to lose our Dominicans. Although they don't celebrate the EF they did make their church available for some of the first EF Masses in the diocese. We are hoping that our new bishop, Robert Byrne CO, might invite the ICKSP to take over the parish & provide an EF Mass in the city of Newcastle upon Tyne which is most certainly needed.

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