Wednesday, November 06, 2019

A response to Zita Ballinger Fletcher: the Mass is not 'a cult of toxic tradition'

Procession to St Peter's during the Summorum Pontificum Pilgrimage
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A certain Zita Ballinger Fletcher, writing in the National ‘Catholic’ Reporter (a notoriously not-very-Catholic publication) has written an unintentionally hilarious article attacking the traditional Mass. It alternates between statements of the obvious, presented as though they were horrifying revelations — the Latin Mass is said in Latin! The priest celebrates facing away from the people! — with bizarre non sequiturs: this form of the Mass is sexist, oppressive, and clericalist.
And worst of all, people aren’t allowed to wear red.
Fletcher is worried about division in the Church — at least, this is presumably the point of talking about the Latin Mass creating ‘sects’ — but it is she, not Catholics attached to the ancient liturgical tradition, who is causing divisions with this article. Her embittered and rather personal attack contrasts very much with the attitude of her victims. Traditional Catholics do not fill their leisure hours attacking the character of Catholics who attend the ‘Ordinary Form’. 
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  1. This is the second recent article I have heard about attaching the Latin Mass. And we know Pope Francis is not exactly an advocate. I wonder if the ground is being prepared to outlaw the Latin Mass entirely?

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  3. The Tridentine Mass will prevail. As the NO diminishes, these people do not want to acknowledge the fact that Vatican Two was a failure. It wounds their pride, so in their minds the best defense is a good offense. They live in cognitive dissonance.

  4. Eccles captures the theme brilliantly...see below

  5. Or alternatively scroll down the Vox Cantoris home page...

  6. Just realized... you beat me to it.