Thursday, January 23, 2020

The latest Sex-abuse cover up: by Greater Manchest Police

Update: this new article on Quillet by Ben Sixsmith supports many of my conclusions and refers to an interesting body of research on the grooming gangs.

The first of a pair of articles on LifeSite;

This week has seen the report of yet another UK “grooming gang” pimping and exploiting vulnerable underage girls, this time in Manchester. (There is a long newspaper report here.) 
The men targeted care homes. 
The victims repeatedly told those charged with their care that they were being raped and given hard drugs, but social services, medics, and police showed enormous reluctance to get involved, an attitude that seemed to be endorsed by the coroner investigating the 2003 death of Victoria Agoglia, a 15-year-old victim of a heroin overdose (her caregivers were not to blame, he found). This death did lead to a wider investigation, but it was starved of resources and then shut down. 
It has become a depressingly familiar pattern. The RochdaleBristol, and Oxford sex abuse gangs have gained the most attention, but there are now “case reviews” and public inquiry reports from an ever-lengthening list of locations. The victims number in the thousands. It is far from clear that the lessons of these cases have been learned: the Greater Manchester Police were hanging tough and refusing to reopen the investigation, which they had mysteriously shut down in 2005, as recently as 2018. What, one might ask, is going on? 
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  1. "the most fundamental issue is the idea commonly accepted by policy makers that children should be assumed to be making autonomous decisions about sex and drugs..."

    For these last twenty years we have been told that people are born gay, therefore it is necessary to view even the youngest child as potentially "gay" so as not to psychologically harm him by assuming he will grow up to be "straight". All of his nurture must hold open both doors for him.

    My observation is that the men and women determined to protect the sexual development of boys "born gay", and girls "born gay", have thereby undone all the traditional protections for girls "born straight".