Thursday, November 18, 2021

Do your Christmas shopping and support the Latin Mass Society

The Latin Mass Society's online shop has continued to expand, and our offerings for Christmas are extensive: six Christmas cards based on classics of the Church's artistic patrimony (Botticelli, as in the image on the left, Giotto, etc.), Advent calendars,  Nativity sets, seasonal devotional books: a selection you might have seen in a large and well-stocked off-line Catholic bookshop before nearly all of them closed down. Plus our regular stock which contains an excellent selection of books, including ever-changing stock of second hand ones, and devotional items. Do check it out!

You can also support the LMS or other charities when you shop elsewhere on the internet: don't let online retailers' donations go to waste!

The first is through Amazon: the Latin Mass Society is one of the charities you can select for the 'smile' scheme. They will give half of one percent of your spending to your chosen cause: essentially you will essentially be directing some of Amazon's own charitable giving from their profits to the LMS (or whoever) instead of something else of their own choosing.

The other is called 'easyfundraising'. If you visit your usual online retailers through the easyfundraising site, or using the easyfundraising app, having told easyfundraising which charity you wish to support, a great many of them will make a small donation to your charity if you buy something.

Just visit the easyfundraising site and all will be explained. The donations vary in size; some are fixed sums, some are percentages. It's not much but it adds up. If thousands of UK Catholics consistently did their shopping this way in favour of the Latin Mass Society or Aid to the Church in Need, it would raise a very real sum of money.

Don't let these pennies get frittered away: send them to something you can believe in, the LMS or something else worthwhile.

Support the Latin Mass Society

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