Monday, February 07, 2022

Cause for Celebration, 1: a reception into the Church and High Mass in Oxford


Last evening we had a very special Mass at Holy Rood in Oxford. It was preceded by the reception into the Church (and Confirmation) of a University student, and by way of celebration we had a really splendid Mass: High Mass with deacon and subdeacon, a polyphonic choir singing Palestrina, and an organist. We also had a splendid team of servers.


The architecture of Holy Rood is not what one might prefer but it does have an excellent acoustic and unimpeded sight-lines, and I got some nice photos of this lovely event.

The parish priest, Fr Daniel Lloyd, was celebrant; he was assisted by Rev James Forde-Johnson as deacon and Br Albert Robertson OP as subdeacon. The singing was led by Dominic Bevan, with Tom Neal at the organ. But to experience that, you had to be there.


The music was sponsored by the Latin Mass Society and the vestments used belong to the Society. They were purchased in memory of John Herbert and Josephine Smith, who left the Society a legacy. Please remember them, and our new recruit to the army of Christ.


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  1. Isn't it sad that we have to celebrate what in former days would have been the norm. Adult converts (whilst not too numerous) were accepted as the norm & a High Mass was celebrated at least monthly in most of our larger parish churches. IMHO this highlights how far the Church has fallen &, mainly, since the introduction after Vat2 the Mass in indigenous languages rather than the age old Latin of the CATHOLIC Church. We must pray to Almighty God that His Church is restored to that of antiquity. Failure to do this will result in our forefathers having laboured in vain to retain their Church.