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Online Latin Course sponsored for clergy and seminarians

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It is good to see Latin Courses focused on the Church's Latin springing up in different places. This one is online and can be done from anywhere. The Latin Mass Society is offering an 80% subsidy for clergy and seminarians from England and Wales to do it; in other places it could be regarded as a parish expense, or other local groups might like to consider helping their priests meet the cost. After all, Catholic priests are supposed to know Latin, not only for the liturgy, but for their understanding of theology and canon law.

12 Week Online Course in Latin Rubrics of the (1962) Mass starts this February and March


For the first time ever the Latin Mass Society are offering a new 12-week language course on the Latin rubrics of the Traditional Latin Mass. This course offered by leading Latin Scholars Matthew Spence and Peter Day-Milne has an exclusive discount available for clergy and early booking discounts available for non-clergy.


Say the Black, Do the Red


In the Apostolic Document Traditionis Custodes it states that priests who wish to celebrate the Traditional Mass should “possess a knowledge of the Latin language sufficient for a thorough comprehension of the rubrics and liturgical texts.”


Do you struggle with comprehending the rubrics?

Do you need help with Latin grammar?

This course available for both clergy and lay people will begin with a detailed look at Latin grammar. There are then two options in the second half of the course to specialise in The rubrics of the Latin Mass (1962) or Reading the Roman Canon

The rubrics of the Latin Mass (1962). This module addresses the difficulty some priests and sacred liturgy ministers often express when they reach certain moments in the Liturgy that they are caught between knowing in principle what the next rubric says and the Latin which is not perfectly clear to them. You will learn how to linguistically interpret certain rubrics, in a supportive group atmosphere.

Reading the Roman Canon This module builds on the elementary grammar you have already learned — so that you may get to grips with this ancient liturgical text that remains the solemn basis of a key part of the liturgy in all western Catholic rites, not only in Latin but in vernacular celebrations.

The total fee for a 12 week online course is £650 but If you sign up NOW an early bird discount of 10% is available. If you are a priest based in, or hailing from England & Wales, an 80% discount is available on the course fee.

For further information on this or other Latin courses available during the year contact For the course director Matthew Spencer Email :

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