Saturday, June 03, 2023

Letter in the Catholic Herald from Sir Edward Leigh MP

Sir Edward Leigh, the distinguished Catholic Member of Parliament, recently agreed to be one of the Latin Mass Society's Patrons. I was delighted to see this letter from him in the current Catholic Herald.

Catholic Herald, Letters, June 2023

Keep the old Mass alive

Sir — I was appalled to read in the Catholic Herald of the way in which bishops are restricting the Traditional Latin Mass (April 2023). In a world beset by rampant indifference to religion, what possible harm is caused by a few faithful attending a form of Mass which has been used for centuries? I do not write on my own behalf; I am very content to attend the new-rite Latin Mass at 10.30am in Westminster Cathedral every day. It is a good compromise and the sung version on Saturday morning is wonderful. But for many, particularly for young people, the old rite is a beautiful and calm spiritual experience, so unlike the rest of our busy, crowded lives. Some people do not find the stream of everyday English in the Mass a joyful experience. Many of our ancestors — including, in my family, Blessed Richard Leigh, who went to Tyburn in 1588 — suffered greatly, even to the point of martyrdom, to say and attend the old Mass in England and thus keep the Faith alive. Surely we should allow its use in their memory, if nothing else.

(Sir) Edward Leigh MP

London, UK

As a poscript, Bl Richard Leigh was a priest, ordained at Rome; he was beatified in 1929, after the Catholic Encyclopedia entry was written. His feast is on 30th August.

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  1. God bless the holy martyr, Bl Richard Leigh. Regretfully, at this time, the Church is ruled by a Capo di tutti Capi, not a shepherd. Nevertheless, the Holy Latin Mass of the centuries will endure, return and flourish. It is much too beautiful, reverent, mysterious and holy to be shackled for very long. And certainly not by the likes of those deranged souls in power, now, at the Vatican.

  2. As Sir Edward said the Latin Mass went on for centuries. Does the latest prescription suggest that our forefathers were in error all of their lives. I don't think so. When you look at most of our Church leaders - Pope, cardinals et al - we must fear for our Church. Note I said 'our Church' it is not their Church to change on a whim. All I can see in the future is a mass exodus to the SSPX which - must as I admire their stance - should not be necessary. Did our blessed martyrs die in vain or has Satan infiltrated our Holy, Mother Church?