Saturday, January 13, 2024

Book launch for 'A Defence of the Monarchy'


Short podcasts from contributors' presentations forthcoming.

Coincidentally, Gavin Ashenden has published Part I of a conversation we had on the subject: find it on your podcast provider (Gavin Ashenden: 'Merely Catholic') or listen to it here.



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  1. I will withhold judgement regarding this particular project, but I must say that anglophone Catholic apologia for the monarchy is usually riddled with obfuscations about the British monarchy's all too recent genocidal treatment of Catholics and, even worse, a heretical sympathy for the heretical 'church' which they head: e.g. the supposedly Orthodox Josias once ended a podcast with sycophantic claims that QEII was raised CofE and so would surely escape damnation because she 'had no reason to look elsewhere'?! It reveals an undercurrent of traditionalism all too Burkean for my liking.