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Walsingham Pilgrimage Volunteers needed, 5: First Aiders and photographers

A photo by a professional photographer, John Aron.
See what he's done with the depth of field?

Booking is now open for the LMS Walking Pilgrimage to Walsingham, which takes place from Thursday 22nd August to Sunday 25th August. But before we can welcome 200+ pilgrims, we need to be able to look after them. This is the last of these appeals, for two more categories of volunteers: First Aiders and photographers.

First Aiders need (at least) a certificate showing they have done a short course about it. These courses can be done in a single day and if you do one specially then the LMS will repay you the cost of the fee. (We'll pay for a First Aid bag for you as well of course.) Courses are done by St John's Ambulance and others and certificates last for three years. This is an opportunity to learn something useful and make yourself useful on the pilgrimage, and we'll even waive the pilgrimage fee.

We waive the fee because being a First Aider will change your pilgrimage experience. In breaks and at the end, your time is not your own: you'll have to make yourself available to the needs of others. On the road you may need to drop out to minister to a twisted ankle or a pilgrim with sun stroke. We'll get you a lift back to the column of course, but you will have a duty to your fellow-pilgrims first and foremost. It is a burden, and also a privilege.

Very few First Aid needs on the pilgrimage go beyond the very basic -- stinging nettles, blisters and (when it is hot) sun stroke cover about 90% of them -- but we absolutely need to have people to help with these, and less experienced First Aiders will be backed up by more experienced as required, with the support drivers available to get injured pilgrims to where they need to be.

Taken by me.

On photography, if we are to promote the pilgrimage from year to year we need photographs of it. We have a system of pilgrims' snaps being gathered up for social media but we do also need someone with a proper camera willing to take time out at regular intervals to take high-quality photos. This makes a huge difference to public perceptions of the event.

You might think: who cares what people can or can't see online? Actually, it is important. We walk down lanes and through villages, and passers' by see us, bearing witness to the Faith and to the significance of Walsingham as a sacred place. Photography magnifies this witness and extends it to people who are not physically there at 9am or whatever in some tiny Norfolk village. Photography is part of the apostolate.

So if you have a decent digital camera and know how to use it; if you are fit enough to get ahead of the column from time to time; if you understand the liturgy enough to get decent photographs of that: then let us know and we'll give you a big discount on your booking fee. And you can make some beautiful images of a truly remarkable event.

If you wish to be considered for these roles, please email

Another by John Aron.

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