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Learn Latin this Summer!


The Latin Mass Society offers 80% discounts to clerics, seminarians, and those about to enter seminary (trainee permanent deacons too!), if they are based in or come from England and Wales, to learn Latin either online or at our in-person course in August. Lay people are also welcome of course! 

In person teaching (more here)

Monday to Saturday, 12-17th August, at Park Place Pastoral Centre near Fareham in Hampshire. 
  • An intensive course to make the most of your time
  • Based on the Latin of the Traditional Mass
  • Three tutors to make sure everyone has exactly the level of Latin instruction they need
  • Daily Traditional Mass celebrated by our chaplain
  • A Catholic ethos
  • 80% discount for clergy and seminarians
  • 50% discount for students
  • Another £55 off for LMS members
The course is very competitively priced even without the discounts!

The Latin of the liturgy: while the basic grammar is the same it is has its own style, vocabulary, and peculiarities, and the examples and exercises used in the course are taken from the Missal text.

More information and booking here.

Some testimonials:

"I cannot thank you enough for organising this course."

"A good diversity of liturgical texts—I was particularly pleased that we did most of the Roman Canon. Participants learned a lot and had a good time."

"I found the level challenging, but not overwhelming—just right for me."

"I’ve been twice to the course now and enjoyed it, I convinced another seminarian to join me this year. I will probably come back next year…"

Online Latin teaching (more here)

Like the residential course, the Latin Mass Society provides a 80% discount for clergy and seminarians from England and Wales to take part.

The LMS is now able to support two very different but complementary ways of learning Latin.

“Live” instruction: Whether you are an absolute beginner or a more experienced Latinist who is returning to the language, after some time away, you can now join an expressly designed live class — run by Peter Day-Milne. He has taken over these groups from Matthew Spencer and brings to the table a carefully arranged series of sessions (both for beginners and intermediate students). More details, including how to sign up, can be seen at

“Self study / asynchronous” method: This is Matthew and Peter's budget option, designed to fit the needs of those who wish to study in their own time. For no more than £50 you can be introduced to all the grammar of four classic prayers via our “Latin shots” — not a jolt of caffeine but a dose of expertly introduced grammar to set you on your way. The four prayers covered at present are: Regina Caeli (the Marian antiphon for Eastertide); Salve Regina; Ave Maria and of course the Pater Noster. If you want some bespoke feedback, an encouraging word from a Latinist by email to make sure you’re on track, the charge is no more than £75 for 16 weeks of (32) videos — otherwise the course can be done independently.

Both methods — live class and self study — are interoperable. You might start off on one and then switch to the other. For example, the more immersive free flowing approach of “Latin shots” might be a good way to refresh the nervous system after those all important weeks formally studying grammar by way of a dedicated live class — though please note that attention to grammatical detail is, ultimately, a preoccupation of all our provision, even if Matthew’s and Peter’s ways of approaching grammar are naturally different.

(See for more detail, including references.)

See the LMS page on the online courses here
Email to enquire about any of these courses.

The Traditional Mass in Park Place Pastoral Centre on a previous occasion.

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