Saturday, October 28, 2006

Pictures of Sarum Mass

The version of the Roman Rite used in southern and central England before the Reformation, the 'Sarum (ie Salisbury) Use' (there was also a 'York Use' and others), was celebrated in the late 1990s in Keble College Chapel by Fr Sean Finnegan, then of the Oxford Oratory, now of the diocese of Arundel and Brighton. Shawn Tribe has posted some pictures and commentary on his blog; for his full post see here.

Here is a picure of the the celebrant saying part of the canon with his arms outstreched, a feature of the Sarum Use which it has in common with the ancient rites of Braga and Milan.

A section of this Mass can be seen as a YouTube video, as can part of an Ambrosian Rite Mass (the ancient Rite proper to the Archdiocese of Milan); see the New Liturgical Movement blog, here. Hat-tip to Shawn Tribe!

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