Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Priests' Training Conference in August

From the Mass of Ages (magazine of the Latin Mass Society):

'The LMS will host a major training conference in the rubrics, language and practice of the traditional Rite at Merton College, Oxford from Tuesday 28th to Thursday 30th August.

...The LMS will shortly write to all priests in England and Wales ordained within the last ten years, and will also contact seminarians, to invite them to this conference. We may ask for a donation to cover part of the costs involved, but no one will be turned away on the grounds of difficulty in paying. This will be even more important as regards seminarians.

Top flight tutors, both priests and academics, will give the conference participants an intensive grounding in liturgical language, Gregorian Chant, the rubrics and the practicalities of offering the Traditional Rite. A full liturgical programme of Low and Sung Masses, daily Offices and Benediction will be arranged, culminating in a magnificent High Mass celebrated in Merton College's historic chapel. We hope this Mass will be offered by a bishops.

Apart from the 'nuts and bolts' lectures mentioned above, we will also provide sessions on the principles and history of the liturgy, Church architecture, Latin pronunciation, how to sing(!), and the spirituality and theology of the Traditional Mass. Throughout, there will be opportunities to offer private Masses assisted by a top LMS team of servers and MCs.

We hope to be able to throw parts of the conference open to lay participants, although we will have to charge a fee. details will be made public subsequently."

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