Thursday, August 30, 2007

Oxford Priests Training Conference

I've done a couple of posts on this over at the New Liturgical Movement (here and here), where, no doubt, they will get a wider audience. Between and around those posts are other posts, and more pictures, of the conference by other people.

Of special local interest is the fact that no fewer than four priests from the immediate vicinity of Oxford were present at the conference to learn about the Mass. This makes me very happy, and I look forward to seeing the Traditional Mass established much more widely across the area.

In addition to the priests coming to the conference to train, Fr Anton Webb of the Oxford Oratory was the celebrant of the Solemn Vespers on the first evening, and his confrere Fr Jerome Bertram made a very amusing speech at the conference dinner. Also at that dinner were Fr Richard Duffield, the Oratory parish priest, and Fr John Saward, pictured talking to the famous blogging priest, Fr Timothy Finnigan.

The other picture, of Solemn High Mass celebrated by Fr Anthony Conlon, chaplain to the Oratory School near Reading, shows the distinctive profile, on the left, of Damian Thompson, the Editor in Chief of the Catholic Herald. There will be a big feature on the conference in the Herald this weekend.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Oxford Times

There have been a number of letters and some articles about the possibility of having a memorial to the Catholic Martyrs of Oxford, in the local paper, the Oxford Times, including one in the current edition (apparently not yet on-line). Here I gather some together:

For a 'joint' memorial for Catholics and Protestants:
From F.G. Davis, 7/4/06
From John Linton, 21/4/06

Attack on the Catholic martyrs
From Valerie Barnish, 28/4/06

From Ian Logan, 5/5/06

By Colin Gardner, 20/7/06 (re Alice Hogge's God's Secret Agents)
By Chris Koenig, 30/11/06 (on 450th Anniversary of the execution of Cranmer etal)
By Chris Koenig, 6/7/07 (reporting on the 2007 Procession)

(Koenig on Abingdon Abbey)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

St Catherine's Trust Summer School

I am still recovering from teaching at the Summer School; readers interested to know what it involved can see my post at the New Liturgical Movement blog, here. Thanks to the hospitality of the founder of this blog, Shawn Tribe, I am now an 'occasional contributor'.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Priests' Training Conference: events open to the public

The Conference takes place Tuesday 28 August to Thursday 30 August 2007, in Merton College, Merton Street, Oxford.

Liturgical events open to the public

Just turn up at the College lodge; they will direct you to the Chapel. All Traditional Rite.

Wednesday 29 August at 11.45 am Solemn Mass.
Celebrant: Dom Daniel Augustine Oppenheimer (Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem)

Thursday 30 August at 11.45 am Pontifical High Mass.
Celebrant: Bishop Edward Slattery of Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

Wed & Thurs at 8.00 am: Lauds

Tues & Wed at 6.00 pm: Vespers

# Note: Bishop Fernando Rifan of Campos, Brazil will also attend the conference. We hope he will celebrate Pontifical Vespers (to be confirmed)

Lectures open to the public:

Tuesday 28th at 3.00pm: Dr. Alcuin Reid on Liturgical History and Tradition

Thursday 30th at 10.30am: Revd Dr Laurence Hemming on The Spirituality and Theology of the Traditional Rite

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Upcoming Pro-Life Witnesses

Pro-Life Witness in Reparation for Abortion and Prayers for All Unborn Babies and Their Mothers and Fathers

29th September
27th October
24th November

We will be standing at the entrance of the John Radcliffe hospital for an hour of peaceful witness. Please join us and bring a friend.
Refreshments available in the hall afterwards.
We meet outside St Anthony of Padua RC Church.
Contact: Amanda Lewin 01869 600638