Monday, July 21, 2008

Support Papa Stronsay!

This remote traditional community includes a young man from Oxford (in the pictures: the last of the three novices, and below, the one on the left), and we have been watching the process of their reconciliation with Rome with great joy. They need our support! Please say a prayer for them and take out a subscription to their newspaper, The Catholic, formerly distributed through SSPX chapels.

The SSPX don't want to be friends with them any more, so we must show them the best possible welcome!

See Cornell Society and their own blog (where the picture comes from).

Monday, July 07, 2008

Pro-Life Witness June

The monthly Prayer Witness against abortion, outside the John Radcliffe Hospital, took place on June 24th, with 15 people.

The next Witness will be
26th July;
after the August break, we'll be back on
30th September.

Please join us!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Fr Simon Henry to be PP of a Traditional Parish in Liverpool

This has now been called off! A very sad bit of news. See here.

Fr Henry took part in the Oxford Gregorian Chant Training Day. He has been given the church of St Vincent de Paul's (whose un-wrecked altar is pictured), in Liverpool (Toxteth), which is to be specially set aside to serve the needs of Catholics attached to the 'former liturgical tradition': a first in the British Isles, and an extremely important precedent. Fr Henry will take up residence in September. Please pray for the success of this exciting project!