Saturday, August 18, 2007

Oxford Times

There have been a number of letters and some articles about the possibility of having a memorial to the Catholic Martyrs of Oxford, in the local paper, the Oxford Times, including one in the current edition (apparently not yet on-line). Here I gather some together:

For a 'joint' memorial for Catholics and Protestants:
From F.G. Davis, 7/4/06
From John Linton, 21/4/06

Attack on the Catholic martyrs
From Valerie Barnish, 28/4/06

From Ian Logan, 5/5/06

By Colin Gardner, 20/7/06 (re Alice Hogge's God's Secret Agents)
By Chris Koenig, 30/11/06 (on 450th Anniversary of the execution of Cranmer etal)
By Chris Koenig, 6/7/07 (reporting on the 2007 Procession)

(Koenig on Abingdon Abbey)

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