Thursday, August 30, 2007

Oxford Priests Training Conference

I've done a couple of posts on this over at the New Liturgical Movement (here and here), where, no doubt, they will get a wider audience. Between and around those posts are other posts, and more pictures, of the conference by other people.

Of special local interest is the fact that no fewer than four priests from the immediate vicinity of Oxford were present at the conference to learn about the Mass. This makes me very happy, and I look forward to seeing the Traditional Mass established much more widely across the area.

In addition to the priests coming to the conference to train, Fr Anton Webb of the Oxford Oratory was the celebrant of the Solemn Vespers on the first evening, and his confrere Fr Jerome Bertram made a very amusing speech at the conference dinner. Also at that dinner were Fr Richard Duffield, the Oratory parish priest, and Fr John Saward, pictured talking to the famous blogging priest, Fr Timothy Finnigan.

The other picture, of Solemn High Mass celebrated by Fr Anthony Conlon, chaplain to the Oratory School near Reading, shows the distinctive profile, on the left, of Damian Thompson, the Editor in Chief of the Catholic Herald. There will be a big feature on the conference in the Herald this weekend.

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