Sunday, April 05, 2009

Requiem in the Little Oratory

My eldest sister died five years ago, and I arranged a Requiem Mass for her in the London Oratory, where more of my family could attend than in Oxford. The Mass was sung by Fr George Bowen Cong Orat, accompanied by members of the well-known Oratory Choir. At the last minute I was roped in to serve. I have actually never served Sung Mass before; I am usually singing myself! The ceremonies for a Requiem are pretty simple, however.

The Choir were first rate - as they always are. Many thanks to the Director, Patrick Russill.
Mass took place in the charming 'Little Oratory', which is the other side of the car park from the main church. There are more photographs on my Flickr set.

I was recently in the Little Oratory for Mass celebrated by Fr de Malleray when he launched the FSSP's tutorial video of the Mass: see my post on thate here. It is nice to have some photos of Mass in this chapel taken in daylight!

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