Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wall Calendar 2011

The LMS 'Traditional Catholic Calendar 2011' is now on sale; you can get it from your friendly local LMS Representative in many places, or order it from Southwell Books. It costs £7.

The calendar shows the rich variety of events going on around the country, with Pontifical Mass in a Gothic Abbey Church and a thoroughly modern Parish Church; St Charles Borromeo in Stoke and Westminster Cathedral; Mass in a historic private chapel during a pilgrimage, a procession, a baptism and the Blessing of Throats on the Feast of St Blaise - a good few other things as well, including events of both the Fraternity of St Peter and the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest. It includes information about the LMS and related events coming up in 2011.

It has all the national feast and fast days of the 1962 Calendar, is sturdy and well printed. Numbers are finite and we ran out last year, so get yours now!

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