Monday, October 18, 2010

Preparations for Oxford Pilgrimage

A reminder:

the LMS Oxford Pilgrimage is this Saturday!

Solemn Mass in Blackfriars at 11am
(not 11.30 as the Mass listings say)

Procession from Carfax to the Castle,
and then back to Blackfriars, starting at 2pm

Benediction at 3pm (or whenever the procession returns)

The Most Rev Bernard Longley, Archbishop of Birmingham, will be present at the Mass and will lead the procession. At the site of the Castle Gallows he will bless a plaque honouring Blessed George Napier, who died there in November 1610 for his priesthood.

Napier saying Mass in his cell on the morning of his execution. His friends had smuggled the necessary liturgical items in to make this possible.

Oxford Agas map Castle gallows
Detail of a late 16th C. map of Oxford showing Oxford Castle. Notice the gallows inside the Castle walls, the mound and the tower to the right: that is St George's Tower (the tower attached to the Castle chapel), which can still be seen today. New Road has not yet been built; nor, obviously, has the canal or the canal basin which was subsequently filled in and is now the Worcester Street Car Park!

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