Saturday, January 28, 2012

'Restore Comunion on the Tongue Alone'

A couple of Australian priests have started an online petition to the Holy Father for the restoration of the practice of receiving communion on the tongue for the whole Latin Church. They should be supported: why not go over there and sign up?

Bishop Athanasius Shneider and Cardinal Burke have already signed up! Bishop Shneider's book 'Dominus Est' is an excellent intriduction to the arguments.

Pope Paul VI allowed communion in the hand only as a concession, limited to places where the abuse was already established. It has become clear that the original arguments in favour of communion in the hand - historical, theological, pastoral - were spurious and it is time this permission was withdrawn.

We need also to make reparation for the countless acts of profanation of the Blessed Sacrament which have been facilitated by this practice.

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  1. Richard Collins8:25 pm

    They are Australians actually, Joe. But what's in a nationality? Apologies for being pedantic

  2. Joseph Shaw8:58 pm