Sunday, January 08, 2012

A meatless Epiphany

Friday was the first, and I think perhaps it will be the last, time that English Catholics will be required to abstain from flesh meat on 6th January, which is the Feast of the Epiphany in both the reformed Universal Calendar and the 1962 Calendar. We had a splendid candle-lit Mass in SS Gregory and Augustine to celebrate this important feast.

A good occasion for lobster and caviar, perhaps!  IMG_8633
The Church of SS Gregory & Augustine's looks quite well lit, but it is a trick of the camera. It was lit entirely by candles, except for the choir loft - we had a single electric bulb!
The solemn proclamation of the moveable feasts of the year, after the Sermon: chanted in Latin. IMG_8663
The distribution of blessed chalk, at the end of Mass.
A lovely occasion. Many thanks to Fr John Saward and the parish of SS Gregory & Augustine's in Oxford, and the Schola Abelis, who accompanied the Mass.

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  1. A Christmas tree in the sanctuary... surely not!