Saturday, May 26, 2012

We have arrived at Choisel camp

8pm French time, after the final, killing, climb, we got into the camp: the conclusion of the first day's walking, which started after Mass at 9am.

The washing facilities are, I think, unique. But hey, no one's asking me to climb any more hills, so I'm happy. I'll go and get my bowl of soup and bread roll to celebrate!

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  1. My wife is there - please give her my cheers if you happen to see her (they're three ladies with a Russian flag). - Oleg-Michael.

  2. Well done Joe, and all your fellow pilgrims, for completing the first day. I imagine getting going again this morning will be a challenge, with stiff limbs and blisters developing nicely. Justin and I are with you all in our thoughts and prayers. Happy and holy Pentecost to you all!

  3. Can we have a photo of the washing facilities?

  4. Anonymous5:26 am

    My son is there, with the American contingent from the Remnant (I'm in Pennsylvania). He us texted today," I officially have as many blisters as there are apostles."