Friday, December 20, 2013

Guide to having a Funeral in the Old Rite

Requiem for Christopher Inman, former Chairman of the Latin Mass Society, in Spanish Place
Do you know anyone who would like to ensure they get a traditional funeral when they die? Do you think you may have to help organise such a funeral for anyone? The Latin Mass Society has just put together some excellent resources to help you. The page about it on the website is here.

It includes a model 'Letter of Wishes' to guide executors, with a explanation of their legal status and relationship with Wills.

It explains the liturgical options: Low, Sung, and High Mass, Chant and Polyphony, Reception of the Body, Blessing of the Coffin, Prayers at the Graveside.

It explains the legal situation under Summorum Pontificum and answers some questions about the spirit of the Traditional Requiem.

This booklet is a must-have for priests who have to answer questions about traditional funerals, as well as those planning one, or having to put others' wishes into effect.

It is available as a free download; hard copies can be bought at £2 including postage in the UK, £3 outside it.


  1. Anything that removes eulogies within the church and mass where a funeral becomes more like a movie than an opportunity to pray for the deceased is great!

  2. Are all priests even capable of officiating a Latin mass? The only church that offers a Latin mass is three hours away from us and I don't imagine our parish priest even knowing how to perform such a mass..but perhaps I'm wrong.

    1. Not all priests are able to say it. It needs training and practice. If your parish priest can't do it, he can still let another priest say it in his church.