Sunday, November 18, 2018

A Catholic culture? We need a culture

Me on LifeSite News. A key passage.

Up to the first half of the 20th century, western societies taught their children stories which illustrated and reinforced a particular conception of marriage and family; the same conception was supported by the civil law, by social expectations and social sanctions; and the same model was experienced by the vast majority of people. The same is true of the conception of the role of the state, the place of religion in society, gender roles, and a thousand other things. These shared understandings, which took on distinct flavors in different countries and in different cultural and ethnic groups, were the basis of a sense of solidarity.
One does not have to imagine that the culture of any particular time and place was perfect in every way, in order to realize that a society which lacks a culture in this sense is in serious trouble. But that is our situation today. The old models of how to live have not entirely gone away, but they are no longer supported by a social consensus. Our children are continually exposed to mixed messages, and civil law and social norms not only fail to support the old model, but in many ways work to undermine it. On the other hand, that model has not been replaced by a consistently applied, widely understood, and coherent, alternative.
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  1. This is true. This is where the absence of Christendom is going to be keenly felt, because what replaces it. A void must be filled. Today's secular culture is sick, very sick, and getting sicker. Often times we wonder, what can be the possible fix to all this mess, and it is always the same, the world need Christ.
    With cultures throwing open the doors to "diversity", bringing in pagan or frankly demonic adherents by the hundreds of thousands, and a populace that has rejected it's Christian roots, is it any wonder we are devolving ever downward, downward, and will continue to do so as long as we reject Christ.

  2. I question your last statement. It seems to me that via UN and UNESCO the globally applied and unquestioned alternative to Christianity (and with it - rationality) is "be you", "do what you willst". A thinking person would ask about the meaning of these pronouncements, and their ability to form a coherent working and somewhat just social system in this "global village". But thinking is not a part of the new system, only feeling good about oneself and never having this feeling undermined with questions about truth. The censorship in our media and education, as well as the idiotic blabbering coming from the Vatican, are making it all possible.