Friday, November 16, 2018

Catholics funerals must beseech God's mercy

Me on LifeSite News: a sample paragraph.

But the meaning of the words is only one aspect of the listener’s experience of these chants. Gregorian Chant is remarkable for expressing emotion without manipulating the hearer: it doesn’t twang on the heartstrings with euphoric or lacrimose cords, but expresses joy and sorrow in a way at once authentic, dignified, and restrained. Equally striking, with the chants for the dead, is their powerfully insistent tone, especially evident in the Dies irae. There is no need to speak at length about despair, but there is need to spend time begging God’s mercy, because God is pleased to grant it at our insistence, if we insist with a confidence that does not tip over into presumption.

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  1. As crazy as things get in this crazy world, I am still surprised to find that anyone would not understand this and want it for their loved ones and themselves. Truly we are a post-Christian culture, corrupt and evil in so many ways. Where once in our area Christian burial was certainly the norm, now Mass is eschewed entirely and there are the dreadful "Celebration of Life" parties, where the person is laughed at and beatified. What it betrays is an utter lack of belief in Christ at all.

  2. Excuse me, what it reveals...