Friday, March 20, 2020

Prayer resources for epidemic

This Lent we are experiencing a special time of penance, including the cessation of public liturgies, even those of Easter itself.

At this time we must remember the Church’s patrimony of devotions suitable to such times: prayers expressing our sorrow for sin, and filial confidence in the mercy of God.

With this in mind I have created a printable booklet with the Seven Penitential Psalms in it (free download). Yes you can find these on lots of websites but this booklet has a facing translation, stress marks on the Latin, and 'pointing' to facilitate singing. 

The Psalms (without the translation) and many other such devotions can be found in the Latin Mass Society’s Vademecum Peregrini: a Pilgrims’ Handbook.

The Stations of the Cross: we include the version found in many editions of the Manual of Prayers, the official handbook of devotions and prayers for public use authorised by the Bishops of England and Wales over many decades up to the time of the Second Vatican Council.

Rosary Meditaions: to accompany the Rosary, the Vademecum includes the meditations on each mystery found in the Manuel of Prayers.

Prayers set to chant including the Marian favourite Salve Mater, Misericordiae; the Lenten Sequence, Attende, Domine; the Passiontide chants the Vexilla Regis and the Crux Fidelis; and the perennial prayer of penance, the Parce Domine.

In addition to these, the Vademecum includes chants, prayers, and hymns of Easter joy and thanksgiving, and the prayers of the Mass, including a Spiritual Communion.

Buy the Vademecum here. The LMS online shop may be slower than usual because of the steps we have taken to protect the staff, but we are still fulfilling orders.

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  1. It is kind of you to do that, thank you.
    I am finding the Catholic blog world a disappointment right now. I could certainly be missing something. I like to think I'm aware of governmental over-reach and loss of rights, certainly I never expect Francis-Church to fulfill the role they should in any situation, and definitely not this one where the "field hospital" was a complete mirage and vanished before our eyes, but what has happened to common sense in the Catholic blog-world.
    See the AP News story "Italy's Virus Epicenter Grapples with Huge Toll" to see how it is in Italy, or perhaps you are there, I'm not sure where you live. But seeing that, seeing the poor family in New Jersey, the Fusco's, who may be an actual Catholic-practicing family, who have lost matriarch and three siblings, with two in intensive care, and to see the casual way bloggers are encouraging skepticism on blogs, it's become disturbing. We have Catholic bloggers who are suddenly statisticians and virologists, who aren't doctors but are seeming to play one on Catholic media. I'm not understanding this! Catholics have become blasé about the deaths of others, as if a certain number is acceptable, without considering the real toll on people. I hear body counts, mortality rates bandied about, but not the consideration of the requirement for ventilators, which goes along with this virus, and the fact that even the government can do basic math and already know we do not have enough ventilators if contagion takes off. They also fail to acknowledge how many must be hospitalized, and the slow recovery of the ill.

    The Good Lord in His permitting will has deigned we should have a Lent without even the Holy Mass, without sacraments, but we find we cannot even tolerate this. We cannot tolerate His will that permits that our Lent should be spent with faith alone and the Rosary and prayer, scripture, to sustain us. No, we know better, and we must have it our way. If more people get sick and die, so be it! We must not be denied.
    We have no pope to lead us, no bishops to lead us, no Cardinals to lead us, no Mass, no sacraments. A Lent like no other. Must we also be bull-headed and determined to get our way also? YES the church is a mess. Yes the "field hospital" was only a talking point and not reality. But that does not mean we must also deteriorate, and the people need CALM GUIDANCE, not hysteria, and certainly not accusations and division.
    We ought follow recommendations made by virologists and infections specialists, not bloggers however informed they are about Catholicism.
    Please God let us have wisdom and not be holy blockheads.

    1. Dear Kathleen, I agree with you completely.

      It will perhaps only feel real to some people when someone they know is effected.

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