Thursday, May 28, 2020

Remembering the Chartres Pilgrimage

The British Chapter in sight of Chartres Cathedral, in 2014
The Chartres Pilgrimage would in normal circumstances have taken place this weekend. I should be able to make it next year. We must make it a year to remember!

And don't forget: with a bit of luck we should be able to have the Walsingham Pilgrimage this year. Book here.

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I have been four times on the Chartres Pilgrimage. It’s not a competitive sport, but I should add that only on two of these occasions did I manage to complete it — that is, to walk the entire distance from Notre Dame in Paris to the mighty Chartres Cathedral, more than 60 miles, in two and a half days.
It takes place over the weekend of Pentecost Sunday — Whitsun — with sometimes more than ten thousand pilgrims. Last year, for the first time for many years, it was not able to use Notre Dame because of the terrible fire there in April 2019. In 2020, it will be taking place only “virtually,” due to the coronavirus epidemic.
The participants are mostly young people, and many pilgrims come every year. Its cancelation is a great blow to them and to those hoping to experience it for the first time. Serious pilgrims are used to setbacks, however, and they will be back.
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  1. I warmly remember the Chartres Pilgrimage, and the LMS Walsingham one as well. When I was a new convert, they helped shape my knowledge of the Faith and my love for the Blessed Virgin. I still have the green pocketbook from Walsingham. Life is much busier these days, but I hope to go again at some point.