Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Child sex-abuse: blaming the victims

Who will do reparation for the crimes our society so casually
sweeps under the carpet?
LMS Mass of Reparation for Abortion, Bedford

My latest on Life-Site. A key passage:

...while the official message is that everyone has the right to say “no”, saying “no” is the mark of being uncool or actually a bad person. Schools have handed potential rapists a new and powerful arsenal of psychological techniques they can use to put pressure on their victims.

Of course, few teachers believe this message themselves: in its implications, it is an extreme form of sexual libertinism incompatible with long-term relationships and family life. What they actually think of the child-victims of the intense social pressure to agree to sexual acts is revealing. One testimony on Everyone’s Invited described how when boys shared nude photos of the girls with each other, it was the girls who were blamed from creating the images in the first place, at the insistence of their boyfriends. 

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