Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Liturgy, Abortion, Doctrine: entwined crises

Latin Mass Society's annual Mass in Reparation for Abortion,
at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Bedford, 2019.

My latest article for Calx Mariae, the magazine of Voice of the Family, is available online. Here is a key passage.

The liturgy is the holiest possession of the Church: it contains God’s very presence, and those things most intimately associated with that. It is the frame for the familiar ways we engage with that presence, in the intimacy of our souls. What progressives were claiming, and continue to claim, is that the Church had got the liturgy seriously wrong, and had done so for more than a thousand years.

This message destroyed the faith of many Catholics, including many priests and religious. It was resisted by others, and this created a bitter internal conflict in the Church which is still continuing. For many Catholics who were not especially well-informed or ideologically committed, it simply caused confusion. Above all, for those inside and outside the Church, it did the opposite of what the Vatican II reforms were supposed to do. Instead of sending the Church on a renewed mission with greater confidence, it filled her children with self-doubt and made the Church look, to outsiders, disunited and unsure of herself.

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