Sunday, August 07, 2022

LMS AGM Mass: photos


I didn't have time to post these photos until now, but here they are: from Saturday 30th July, in St Mary Moorfields. The celebrant was Canon Amaury Montjean ICKSP, the deacon Fr Michael Cullinan, and the subdeacon Fr John Scott.

My address to the Annual General Meeting, which followed this Mass, can be heard here.










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  1. Having listened to your excellent talk given at the AGM I begin (again) to wonder whether we might have more impact on Rome if we were to align ourselves more closely to the SSPX. I am not a member of SSPX nor do I (regularly) attend their Masses but I do know that some priests do attend in the congregation & those priests do celebrate the 'usus antiquior' themselves. I should, at this point, explain that here in the diocese of Hexham & Newcastle we are blessed with Bishop Robert Byrne CO who not only allows such celebrations but also celebrates the rite himself in public. Perhaps now is the time when we are under so much pressure from Rome to suggest to them that, as we do not seem to be universally welcome, we should align ourselves more closely with the SSPX &, hopefully, this MIGHT make Rome realise that it is their actions which are in danger of causing a monumental split in the One, True, Catholic Church.