Tuesday, August 09, 2022

SCT Summer School: Classes and activities


The St Catherine's Trust Summer School has always been concerned not only to give the children a pleasant time, but with education: to convey something to them, not just a bit of catechism but a range of lessons on Catholic history, art, philosophy, Latin and Greek, and so on. There is a limit to what we can do in a week, but we want to give the children at least a taste of a range of things connected with our beautiful Faith.


To this end we have five 40-minute lessons most days, as well as Sung Mass, Rosary, Compline, and activities. Most of one day was dedicated to a trip to Oxford, where we had Mass in the Oratory and a tour of some sites of particular Catholic interest.

The week includes a quiz on what the children have learned, and we had football and tennis in the afternoons.


Every year the children perform a staged reading of part of Dorothy Sayers' radio plays on the life of Christ.



Rehearsing some polyphony for the final Mass of the week.


One afternoon activity was sewing; this year they made pocket shrines, which our chaplain, Fr Andrew Southwell, blessed (below).


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