Saturday, February 13, 2010

Message to The Tablet

Thanks for quoting my blog in your story about the LMS advertising for a new General Manager (13th Feb 2010, p16).

If you would like to understand the LMS accounts published on the Charity Commission website, however, you could quickly gain an insight by emailing or ringing me, the Treasurer, or the General Manager.

Putting together stories entirely from internet resources is what bloggers do. A weekly magazine should be aiming a little higher.

The headline figure of a deficit of £100,000 in the year 2008-09 includes paper losses (since, largely reversed) on our investments and expenditure in one year of ear-marked money raised and accounted for after the year-end. It is understandable that, being journalists and not accountants, you might not realise this, but why not give us a call?

H-t to Fr Finigan for the image of the Bitter Pill.

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