Friday, February 26, 2010

Prospective members of Una Voce International

Please form an orderly queue!

I tweeted the other day that an Una Voce association has been set up in Belarus, Una Voce Albaruthenia (Albaruthenia is the Latin for Belarus, also known as White Russia).

At the last meeting of the Una Voce International Federation (FIUV) the General Assembly noted the membership of associations from Malta, Mexico, Peru, Columbia, Chile and Ireland. Associations from Malta and Spain joined not long before. This brought the total number of member associations to 31.

The Federation has since then already recieved applications from associations in Argentina, Cuba, and the Philipines.

A dozen new members in a short space of time is a staggering rate of growth, and indicates that Pope Benedict's Motu Proprio has reached parts of the Church - notably the Spanish-speaking world - which the previous indults didn't reach. From being a group of associations from no more than most of the major Western countries plus a handful of others, FIUV will clearly soon be a group with member associations in every country with a Catholic population.

This is creating more work for FIUV, and it reflects a lot more work being done on the ground by these associations as well. As the LMS has noticed, things have not 'settled down' after the Motu Proprio, as some predicted. On the contrary, the work of the lay and priestly supporters of the Traditional Mass alike is increasing with the opportunities we have.

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