Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mass at Milton Manor with the Schola Abelis

With all the things happening I haven't had time to blog about this, a beautiful Mass we had on 19th June in the private chapel of Milton Manor House, thanks to the hospitality of Anthony Mockler-Barrett, the owner.
2010 06 19_6713
In the choir loft in Milton Manor Chapel.

This chapel was consecrated by Bishop Richard Challoner, and our celebrant, Fr Simon Leworthy FSSP, used Challoner's altar cards, vestments and chalice.

The Mass was a Votive Mass of Our Lady and was accompanied by the Schola Abelis, the last Mass of their schedule for the academic year. They sang a polyphonic Ordinary, Francisco Guerro's Missa Beata Mater.

The Schola is the ONLY Catholic choir each year in Fresher's Fair, though I hope this may change. Equally surprising is the fact that our polyphonic section is also the ONLY Oxford choir of any kind specialising in Renaissance music. It now has the right to use the University's name, and call itself the Oxford University Gregorian Chant Society.
2010 06 19_6715
The schola has had a very good year. We have more town-based people singing for us now, which means there are more resources for Masses in the vacations. We are planning more Saturday Masses for next term, and more training for members. See the Schola's blog for more about them.

We made a good sound in Milton Manor; here are the polyphonists singing a motet.

There are more videos here, and more photos here.

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