Friday, June 18, 2010

Open Studio

It's unlike me I know but this is an ushamedly personal post. My mother, who paints as Anthea Craigmyle, is having her annual Open Studio (with the other artists of the Chiswick Mall): Cedar House, Chiswick Mall, W4 2PS.

Anyone can walk in over the weekend and look at her latest - and buy some too if you fancy.

Moat are domestic scenes but she does religious paintings sometimes, here's the Entry into Jerusalem.

Windy outdoor scenes have featured a lot over the years.

And farmyards.

There are always some tiny ones to suit every pocket.

It's a good year!

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  1. Catherine6:28 pm

    <p>Wish I were there, Joseph. I wonder. . . are those any particular people in the pic, 'windy outdoor' one? I like that one. 

  2. Edgar8:33 pm

    Will miss it this year... :(  

  3. Anonymous10:43 pm

    Sometimes they are based on sketches with real people, but I think this one is a work of the imagination.