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LMS Annual Requiem 2010: pictures

My pictures have nearly all uploaded to Flickr so here's a selection.
See the full set; see a slideshow.
2010 11 06_8019
As I remarked on the day, this is always a very moving occasion. This year was particularly well attended, and the ceremonies and music (all Gregorian Chant) were very impressive. We had a very splendid cataphalque and the celebrant, Bishop John Arnold, blessed it with great solemnity.
2010 11 06_8025
The Epistle.

The press release gives the details:

The Rt Rev. John Arnold, auxiliary bishop in Westminster, celebrated a Pontifical High Mass of Requiem in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite in Westminster Cathedral on Saturday 6 November for the repose of the souls of all deceased members and supporters of the LMS. Father Nicholas Schofield was Assistant Priest, Fr Andrew Southwell, LMS National Chaplain, was Deacon and the Sub-deacon was Fr David Irwin. Gordon Dimon of the LMS was MC.

A congregation of some hundreds heard the men of the Cathedral Choir sing the plainsong Requiem Mass.

2010 11 06_8039
The Gospel.

The Mass was followed by a homily by Bishop Arnold and then the traditional ceremonies of Absolutions at the Catafalque. The coffin for the occasion was supplied by the Fairways Partnership, Funeral Directors.

2010 11 06_8051
Bishop Arnold washes his hands seated on the faldstool.

Before Mass, a wreath was laid by Dr Joseph Shaw, Chairman of the LMS, and other LMS Committee members on the grave of Cardinal Heenan in the cathedral nave in thanksgiving for the Cardinal’s efforts to preserve the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite. Father Patrick Hayward read prayers for the occasion.

Doctor Shaw said afterwards: “This was the second time that Bishop Arnold has celebrated the LMS’s annual Requiem Mass and we are most grateful to him. We also thank Canon Christopher Tuckwell, the Cathedral Administrator, and Fr Alexander Master, the Cathedral Precentor, for their help”.

2010 11 06_8067
He is incensed.

You'll also spot in the photos Fr Patrick Hayward and Mgr Gordon Read, the LMS South East Chaplain (in choir on the left/Gospel side) and Fr Tim Finigan (in choir on the right/Epistle side).
2010 11 06_8070
Orate fratres.
2010 11 06_8085
The Consecration of the Chalice.
2010 11 06_8092
2010 11 06_8109
2010 11 06_8134
Bishop Arnold incensing the cataphalque.
2010 11 06_8146
2010 11 06_8151

You might be wondering why we had bleached candles (for those who aren't, it is traditional to have yellow, unbleached candles at a Requiem). The answer is that the set we bought last year couldn't be found among the Cathedral's stores when they were needed. It seems they are not used by anyone else at the Cathedral - similarly, it seems we are the only people to want a catafalque, so we had to supply our own (with the kind help of Fairways Funeral Directors).

The lack of unbleached candles at the Cathedral will explain the oddity I noticed at the 'Treasures of the Cathedral' exhibition: the display of special Requiem candlesticks had bleached candles stuck in them.

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