Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Traditional Baptism in Oxford

On Sunday afternoon there was a traditional baptism in the Oxford Oratory, followed by Low Mass in the chapel of St Philip.
The Baptism was very well attended and we spread right across the nave in order to assist at Mass.
An unusual perspective on the Traditional Mass in the Oxford Oratory!

The lighting was particularly difficult for photography, since the lights in different parts of the church are different colours. As you can see above, the back of the church is too yellow while the interior of the chapel is fine.

Lucy Shaw Cakes provided a cake for the party afterwards. The vast number of children made short work of the considerable quantity of refreshments which were on offer!

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  1. giles_heather2:10 pm

    And, by coincidence, little Therese Battye, Jonathan Battye's (SBH 95-98) third child was baptised in the old rite on the same day in the Little Oratory. It was a lovely occasion.